1. Frequently Asked Questions

              Census 2021 New Methodologies Test

              Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) is moving from the traditional paper and pen method of data collection to utilising digital data collection. These new methodologies need to be tested before we go into field to conduct the next census in 2021.

              The Census 2021 New Methodologies Test will test three different methods of data collection, namely:

              CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview). This is the preferred method of data collection, in which a fieldworker conducts a face-to-face interview with a respondent, and captures the data onto a digital device.

              CAWI (Computer Assisted Website Interview). The respondent registers and completes the questionnaire online.

              CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview). The respondent registers and a call centre agent from Stats SA contacts them to complete the questionnaire telephonically.

              This methodology test will be conducted in Umhlanga and Hillcrest (KZN); Muizenberg and Greenpoint (Western Cape); Norwood and Winchester (City of Johannesburg) and Waterkloof (City of Tshwane). Stats SA fieldworkers will visit all households in these selected areas. The dates for this exercise are as follows:

                • Community Mobilisation: 16 – 27 July 2018
                • DU Publicity and online registration: 23 July – 04 August 2018
                • Data Collection: 01 – 31 August 2018 (Reference night: 31 July)

              Your participation in this exercise will assist us to determine the feasibility of using these new methodologies for data collection in the 2021 census.

                • Demographics used in measuring population size
                • Access and quality of basic household services
                • Ownership of household goods
                • Household involvement in agricultural activities


              Gauteng (JHB):

              Gauteng (Tshwane):


              Western Cape:

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