1. Statistics South Africa goes to the field for the Post-enumeration Survey, (PES) 2021 Trial from 09 September 2020 to 07 October 2020.

              Statistics South Africa goes to the field for the Post-enumeration Survey, (PES) 2021 Trial from 09 September 2020 to 07 October 2020.

              Statistics South Africa (Stats SA) would like to thank everyone who participated in the Census 2021 Trial that took place as from 10 August to 06 September 2020. A Post-enumeration Survey (PES) 2021 Trial, will be conducted immediately after the Census 2021 Trial data collection as from 09 September 2020 to 07 October 2020.

              The PES 2021 Trial will be used to evaluate the quality of the data collected during the Census 2021 Trial. ?Data collection for the PES is interviewer based to ensure quality assurance of data collected and to improve the accuracy of measures for coverage and content errors.? Computer Assisted Telephonic Interview (CATI) will therefore be the default mode of data collection. Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) and Computer Assisted Web-based Interview (CAWI) will be used for non-response follow-ups. The use of CATI as the main mode of data collection helps to minimise physical contact between the interviewer and respondents.

              In order to fulfil the objectives of the PES to accurately measure coverage and content errors, in light of the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, Stats SA fieldworkers will visit all geo-points to identify and record all structures within the residential address that is in the selected area ??and furthermore obtain contact information of the head of the household or acting head. The PES 2021 Trial will be undertaken from the 09 September 2020 to 07 October 2020 in the PES 2021 Trial selected areas. Publicity, recording of structures and registration of contact information will take place as from 09 to 18 September 2020. ?CATI data collection will take place as from 23 September to 07 October 2020. Respondents may choose for a Stats SA fieldworker to visit their household to complete the PES questionnaire using CAPI, where necessary.

              The household will be asked questions on persons who were present on the night between 22 and 23 August 2020 (Census reference night) as well as the night between 22 and 23 September 2020 (PES reference night). Households may be re-interviewed as from 9 -27 November 2020 only if the information collected during the PES and Census 2021 Trial is missing or for additional information is required to compare information collected from both the Census 2021 and PES 2021 Trials. Every person, young or old, including new-born babies, elderly persons, visitors and non-citizens who spent the night in the household on the Census reference night and/or the PES reference night, irrespective of whether they are permanent members of the household, should be counted. Persons who died after each reference night will also be counted as alive. Domestic workers living with employers are regarded as a separate household, even if they live in the same dwelling as the employer. Stats SA uses all the necessary security control measures to ensure that information collected is kept confidential and secure as per the Stats SA Act No 6 of 1999.

              Stats SA assures respondents that all the necessary health and safety protocols for prevention of the transmission of COVID-19 will be strictly adhered to.

              All households in the selected areas are required to participate.

              For more information follow us on Facebook (Stats SA) or Twitter (@StatsSA), or call Stats SA Toll-free number 0800 110?248. ?You may also email us on pes2021@statssa.gov.za

              Census 2021 #Get Counted

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