1. Interactive data

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              Interactive data


                This data repository allows users to browse, analyse, tabulate and download datasets from a wide variety of census and household survey data and metadata in various formats. Users trying to access Nesstar from a corporate network should kindly ensure with your network administrator that port 8282 is enabled.
              Who should use this?
              Researchers and those who need to do more in-depth analysis on data
              What is available?
              Census, Labour Force Survey, General Household Survey, Quarterly Labour Force Survey and Causes of Death

              Interactive Graphs?

                This facility allows users to view data as an animated graph.
              This tool can be used to access indicators from the Community Survey in interactive graph format.

              Economic time series/Social Statistics/Mid-Year Population Estimates

                  Downloadable time series data for selected economic series in




              Who should use this?
              The general public
              What is available?
              Economic time series:
              Building statistics, Civil cases for debt, Consumer Price Index, Electricity generated and available for distribution, Gross Domestic Product, Food and Beverages, Land Transport survey, Liquidations and insolvencies, Manufacturing Production and Sales, Mining Production and Sales, Motor trade sales, Production Price Index, Retail trade sales, Tourism and migration, Tourist Accommodation, Utilisation of production capacity, Wholesale trade sales


                This web based version of SuperCROSS allows enables users to create their own tables and view the results easily as charts and maps
              Who should use this?
              The more advanced user looking for more detail
              What is available?
              Census 2001, Community Profiles, Community Survey 2007: Community Profiles, Income and Expenditure of Households 2005/2006

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